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Hello! Thank you for visiting our site! We are so happy you are here. We started Welcome to Our Porch at the start of 2019. Over the past few years we have worked on expanding our product lines as well as our customer base through online sales, Buy & Sell groups, Etsy and local vendor events and markets. We are so excited to have recently launched our website to make your ordering process so much easier and more visual. 

Quality products for a fair price is what we have strived to build our business on. All of our products are hand painted rather than using vinyl. Why? Because we want to help ensure that your piece you purchase lasts and doesn't start to peel. After final painting we then seal all of our products for outdoor use to help protect from the elements. Recommended care directions are included so your decor items last for years to come.

Our porch is our safe haven, our place to unwind together, connect with friends and family and where everything in the world is simple and feels like home! We love to share this peace with our clients through our decor items to help make your porch a beautiful place to unwind, relax and create long lasting memories.

From Our Hearts to Your Home,

Rob & Heidi

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