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These Sleighs are hand crafted and stained in our shop. We use pine boards and all sign designs are painted rather than using vinyl. Why? Because at Welcome to Our Porch we want to help ensure that your piece you purchase lasts and doesn't start to peel. After final painting we then seal all of our products for outdoor use to help protect from the elements. Recommended care directions are included with your purchase so your decor items last for years to come.

Please know that each sleigh is hand made by us and may differ slightly from the picture. Different pieces of wood take stain and paint slightly different than another.

At times ribbon may go temporarily out of stock. Should this happen it will be replaced with a similar items and you will be notified prior to shipping.

Christmas Sleighs

  • Height: 4.5 Feet
    Width: 16 inches
    Depth: 4 inches

    Wood Type: Pine

    Sealed for outdoor use. 

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